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Meet The Team

Welcome to the next step.

We're so proud of you for even looking into healing. Whatever you're dealing with, we can likely support you.

Think of us as your guide through the swamp of healing, leading you into the valley of happiness and thriving. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Erin Boyle LCMHCA

Therapist :: Cat Lover :: Problem Solver

Erin radiates a grounded energy, and she is just as good with warm encouraging words as she is with a good kick in the pants when you need it. Her work is rooted in meeting you as a human where you're at and supporting you to get where you'd like to be. Erin specializes in trauma, anxiety and depression. 

Quote she loves: "You belong somewhere you feel free."


Brittney Hryczaniuk LCMHCA

Therapist :: Meme Lover :: Knows Just What You Need-er

Brittney approaches therapy from a lens of connection, unconditional acceptance and the ability to flow with a client. Her vibe is dry humor and a low key nature, and she believes that growth is a choice you can make at any time.

Quote she loves: "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." -Willie Shakes (William Shakespeare)

Lyndsey Harris LCMHCA

Therapist :: Coffee Lover :: Growth Facilitator

Lyndsey believes that a supportive environment and the space to be fully yourself lead to growth and healing. She wants you to remember that healing is not linear, and that progress can be messy and still good. 

Quote she loves: "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

- Carl Jung


Brittany Sundblom LCMHC, LCAS

​Therapist :: Chicken Lover :: Heart Of Gold

Brittany creates a safe, warm environment for you to identify what you need, what's in your way and what your goals are. She supports you to achieve your goals and overcome barriers that have been holding you back. She is EMDR certified and loves working with children. Brittany specializes in trauma, anxiety and depression.

Quote she loves: "I will no longer light myself on fire to keep others warm."

Amanda Chils LCMHC 

Founder :: Therapist :: Farmer :: Ultimate Hype Woman

Amanda specializes in trauma, anxiety and depression. If she is around, you can bet Madge is too. Amanda believes everyone deserves to live a life they are proud of and truly happy with, and all it takes is the courage to keep going. She is here to help you step into your highest self and live a life you enjoy - without the heavy feeling. She believes that growth is a choice, and that the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. 

Quote she loves: “If you want what you say you want, you don't get to be a coward about it." 


Madge. Sasha. Paco.


The best co-therapists.



What can you expect?

  • Each session lasts an hour. 

  • You will start either weekly or bi-weekly.

  • You will at the farm, we hold sessions outside.

  • If you're at the farm, Paco will sit on your lap, it's his one purpose in life.

  • We accept the following insurance - BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Bright Health, United/Optum, MedCost.

  • Your copay/coverage will depend on your plan, please call and ask what your copay is for therapy before you start.

  • The self pay rate is $100/session.

  • You can pay with cash, card or check.

  • Your therapist will work with you with the goal of eventually firing us.

  • The first session will likely be uncomfortable, you're telling a stranger alllll about you, this is normal and you choose what you share.

  • It gets better.

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