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First Responders - yes please

Listen, we LOVE first responders. EMS, Fire, Law enforcement, Military, Dispatch, anyone on the front lines - you are our people. It takes a very specific type of courage and heart for service to be you, and we honor the hell out of that. We are here to support you, and will tailor all of our education and support to your specific needs, and we promise to not only be there for you, but to make sure you aren't carrying your burdens alone. 

Let us help you, like you help others.


Come get support with whatever you're struggling with. Our team is well versed in specific issues that first responders experience.

Employee Relations

Management is really about people, and who knows people better than therapists? We support with departments who need a little guidance on managing their employees in the most helpful way. 

Leadership Work

Does your leadership team need support? We are happy to come in and help and work with your team to be the leaderest leaders around.

Crisis Support

We hope you never need this. We support with crisis debriefings for any department that  needs it, but especially the high trauma departments. 

Worked a bad call? We will come out to support you within 24 hours.

Custom Trainings

Trainings! These are the BEST! We build a custom training for your department's needs and then we party and teach. We promise no one will say "this could have been an email."

On Site Visits

Sometimes we just pop in and say hello so we can interact with y'all on a more human level. This lets us connect and helps people put a face to the name. Everything we do is about relationships, and on site visits are one of the best ways to do that.

Name removed for confidentiality

"Spirited & insightful. Found wisdom in everything they said. Love their passion for helping others."


Conflict Resolution

Effective Communication

Employee Management

Creative Problem Solving

Stress Management

Energy Management

Fostering Employee Growth


Stress Management

Work/Life Balance

Emotional Resilience

Self Care


Managing Anxiety

Building Habits

Trauma Education


Building Positive Culture

How To Use Strength Based Language

Open Communication

Building Trust and Resilience

Building Trust with Clients/Patients

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