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We only care about one thing

helping you feel better.






Grief and Bereavement 

Panic Attacks

Other Diagnosis

Adolescent and Adult






Poly Relationships

Infertility ​

Infant & Pregnancy Loss



Play therapy​
Behavioral Issues​
Emotional and Family difficulties

Ages 6+


Corporate Wellness

Burnout + Compassion Fatigue

Stress Management

Leadership Training

Emotional Management

Employee/Team Relations

Boundary Trainings

Effective Communication

Trainings are tailored to your needs.

Therapy Sessions
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What We Believe - 

Something I always tell clients is however long it took you to get here, it will take less time to get to where you want to be (and I promise you, it's always worth it), because now you are doing the work with an expert.  

Most people come to us because they want simple things like "to feel better" and "to be happy." We've got you.

Healing requires you to be radically honest with yourself and with us about what you want, and we will teach you whatever skills you need. This work will change your life if you let it, and we hope you let it. We can promise you that you will not walk this journey alone and through the process you will feel better. 

All we ask is that you continue to be brave enough to show up for yourself, we will take care of the rest.


The counseling relationship is a partnership, and you are the absolute expert in you. We're simply here to help you get the support you need and learn the skills that will help you reach your goals. 

We believe in meeting people where they're at, and we're neurodivergent affirming.

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Here are our non-negotiables as a business.


People above everything.

Our people come first, you are our highest priority. 

When you are struggling, it's our job to support you always. We are in the people business, and we never forget it.


We are kind and courageous and honest always.

We understand that we always  have a choice to grow and do the work. The work takes courage and kindness and honesty.

This also means we don't do business with assholes, liars or cowards.


Dive deep enough to touch the bottom. 

When working with a client, we dive the deepest depths possible to understand the challenges you face. Only once we touch bottom are we in position to fully help you.


Authenticity or death.


Our power lies in being who we truly are. Our therapists are true to themselves, and our highest hope for you is that we help you become who you truly are, because you are a wonder.


Just keep swimming.

The only way through this process is through this process. There are no shortcuts or work arounds, you have to do the work. When you're in the swamp, keep swimming.

Our Immutable Laws

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"For the first time in a long time I dont have to fix something. Im happy with myself, my life right now. Im really content. Ive learned so much about how to feel things and how to manage them. Im so freakin proud of myself. Its crazy how much I like myself right now.”

Awesome Client

Name is removed for confidentiality.

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